Mr. Shin has over ten years of experience teaching guitar and music both privately and in group settings to all levels of students from complete beginners (ages six and up) to collegiate/graduate level guitar majors at the Eastman School.

While Sungmin specializes in teaching classical guitar technique and repertoire, he is proficient in various styles including jazz, blues, rock, metal, folk/acoustic, and more. Lessons are also available on mandolin, ukulele, and electric bass

In addition to guitar performance, Mr. Shin teaches the following areas as part of guitar lessons or as separate lessons: improvisation, music theory/history, ensemble/chamber music, composition/arranging, audio/video recording, and notation engraving.

Sungmin is highly committed to the development and success of his students and strives to bring out the best in each student. Careful attention is paid to the individual needs and musical interests of each student. Progress is meticulously documented to nurture the student’s strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Dedicated students will develop a solid technical foundation and facility on the instrument through which expression can be achieved with thoughtful interpretation. Advancing students will not only broaden their abilities to express themselves through music, but hone their critical listening and analytical skills as well.

Mr. Shin is able to successfully prepare serious students who wish to gain admission into collegiate level guitar programs (undergraduate and graduate studies) and potentially receive scholarships.

Whether you wish to pursue a professional career in music or foster a life-long relationship with music and the guitar, Sungmin is available to help achieve any musical goal.

For beginning students without an instrument, Mr. Shin is available to assist in choosing the right instrument.

Mr. Shin currently teaches at the University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo), the Eastman Community Music School, Music & Arts (Pittsford, NY), and in his home studio (Brighton, NY). During the summers, he serves on the faculty of Guitar Workshop Plus in Toronto, ONT.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Shin with any questions email.

Student Testimonials

After a few bad experiences with teachers in the past I was hesitant to try again but I am glad that I did and that I crossed paths with Sung. We sat down to cover my goals and assess my current ability level. I had played for years as a self-taught guitarist and wanted to start over with a clean slate. He immediately went to work on correcting my hands and then we dove in feet first. It has been a mixture of technique, sight reading, learning pieces and understanding music theory and performance concepts. I have been amazed at how far I feel I've come in only a few months. I'm playing and sight reading things I thought would be impossible before we started which is fueling my fire to learn even more to take it to the next level. Thank you Sung!
                                                                          -John W.

In Irving Stone's The Agony and the Esctasy, Michelangelo is told - “Not even a cook’s finest sauce can make a stringy piece of chicken palatable." Well, Sung's instruction can transform the worst of guitar string squeaks into a melodious buffet. Take it from a father of one of his 7 year old students.
                                                                         -John Kormalos

What is particularly admirable about Sungmin is the attention he gives to the basics of playing the guitar – how to tune the instrument, how to hold the plectrum etc. These may seem trivial to focus on, but little adjustments in these techniques can make a huge difference to the sound one gets out of the instrument. Sungmin is also remarkably flexible. He is willing to adjust his teaching techniques depending on the background of the student and the pace of learning. I also loved the listening exercises he gave for students to develop an ear for different types of compositions. In sum, what makes Sungmin a very good teacher is not just his technical mastery over his instrument, but the care and patience he brings to his teaching. Keep up the good work, Sungmin!
                                                                         -Subhasish Ray

Sung's guitar lessons are not just lessons but a teaching of the overall theory and fundamentals of playing the guitar. He tailors the instructions to take you from the basic fundamentals all the way to your personal music wants and desires. Sung's technical know how gives him the ability to explain and demonstrate techniques on a level that even the novice guitar player can understand. His talent to expand a students guitar repertoire through weekly listening links opened new musical doors for me personally. I would recommend Sung to any level guitar player wishing to improve his performance.
                                                                          -Robert Mallory III